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Let’s Talk about your BOE Home Financing Journey!

At Bank of England Mortgage, we think our mortgage process sets us apart from the crowd! We believe that no matter how easy we make the mortgage process, we can’t necessarily make it “fun”. Realizing that, we like to get as much done in advance so that you can then engage in the FUN process of finding your new home.

We offer a full pre-APPROVAL, not just a pre-qualification like most lenders. That means we will collect all pertinent documentation, screen your credit and assemble a complete mortgage file prior to you beginning the home search process. Working this way means that once you find your new home, we don’t need to bother you for the list of documents that we need. You’ll have other things to do like arrange for inspections, get your belongings packed, change utilities into your name, schools for your children, etc. etc. and you can rest assured knowing that we’ve already completed the majority of the mortgage process.

Call us today in Yardley at (215) 917-3937 or find us on the web at Whether you think you are sixty days or six months away from being “ready”, it’s never to early to have a conversation. If need be, we can even introduce you to one of our great Realtor partners who can assist in your home search. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s talk about your BOE home financing journey!

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