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Relax – We’re Here to Help!

At Bank of England Mortgage, we know that our customers are coming to us for more than a loan. They come to us in the midst of an exciting life event -the purchase of their new home – and we always remember that it’s more than loans, it’s people. We know that you’ll have questions that, no matter how small, can keep you up at night or cause you worry. We know that this is more than a financial transaction and there may be family, children, pets and other important factors that you need to figure out. That’s ok, we’re here to help!

We pride ourselves on making the mortgage process easy so that you can handle the things that really matter in your life. We start early, getting your pre-approval done before you begin the process of looking for your new home. Once you’ve found your new home, we begin moving forward immediately, leaving no loose ends for you to scramble for in the days before closing.

We are frequently asked “do you really not need anything else” and when we respond that we are clear-to-close and ready to go, we’re told “Everybody warned us that there would be last minute items”. Well, those folks obviously worked with the wrong lender.

Give us a call today at 215.493.3752 or find us on the web at Find out about the BOE Service Difference and how we can help you!

Relax, We’re Here to Help!

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